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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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how are you feeling? let me know what you thought. how are you feeling? what are you thinking? keep it pithy as bill would say. i'm megyn kelly. sean is up next, live. welcome to hannity. we're live in des moines, iowa, you just witnessed the republican debate. let's check in, let's see, john kasich and ben carson. but immediately after the debate, we met up with marco rubio, senator rubio on the stage right after the debate. >> i will unite this party and we'll defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around after seven years of the disaster that is barack obama. >> i'm a maniac and everybody on
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this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> we need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies. >> the caliphate of isis needs to be destroyed we need to embed our troops and get the lawyers off the backs of the military. >> we've seen obamacare the biggest disaster. >> stop the washington bull. let's get things done. >> we have a unique opportunity to everybody everybody together. i saw reagan do it. we're going to be just fine. america is going to continue to lead the world because when i'm president, unlike barack obama we'll keep this country safe. >> now, florida senator marco rubio had a strong debate performance and i asked him about it.
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watch this. >> joining us now on the debate stage is senator marco rubio. how are you? >> good. good. >> how did you feel about the debate? >> i felt great. i want to thank fox news for doing it. you did a great job and we're 93 hours away from the caucus night. a lot of people in. >> i -- iowa watching tonight. bernie sanders would be a disaster for america. >> you started out saying what is at stake here. >> right. >> at the end of the day there is so much infighting going on here. you have your supporters, trump supporters and cruz supporters. at the end of the day, one of you are going to win. and you're going to be up lens hillary clinton, joe biden, elizabeth warren, we don't know. >> it means obama care stays permanently, 2 or 3 senior justices. the balance of the court,
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therefore, the constitution, for the next decade or beyond is at stake. army, navy, air force continues to get cut. our foreign policy, our standing in the world continues to diminish. consequences are extraordinary. we have to win. >> am i wrong, as you watched you tonight, one of your more passionate is you are a hawk on national defense. in other words you're taking, i think, the strongest position that america has got to get on the ground and make the world a safer place. >> right. >> what does that mean? how far do we have to go? >> isis cannot win. this is not a group you can reach an accommodation with. they want to conquer the world and have to be defeated. that will not happen without american leadership. isis will only grow stronger if we leave them alone. only america can put together the coalition to defeat them. we have to lead from the front. it's going to require special operators and improve our
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intelligence gathering capabilities but we deal with them now ordealith them for 50 years. and they're going to grow more powerful and difficult. >> i want to see a transition warfare wise. you're on the senate intelligence committee. when going door to door in iraq and in the beginning, we didn't even have armored humvees. can they go door to door, driving humvees over ieds? >> it depends on the conflict. does it have to be made up of primarily americans? no. there is a consensus you're going to only be able to defeat them with sunni fighters. they're going to need our support but they will have to be defeated on the ground.
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>> you can't transition modern warfare? >> sure and it already is. if you're not investing money, the investments we're making now determines the options the commander in chief will have in ten years. if you don't make the defense options you're not going to have what the russians are expanding, missile threats, these all need to be dealt with. >> one big issue was the issue of immigration. you had it out a little bit with ted cruz and governor bush. you're very clear and said to me a long time ago the american people don't want comprehensive immigration reform and you agree with that. >> yes. i want to solve the immigration issue. i lived the immigration issue. i live in a community of immigrants. you cannot solve it comprehensively. people talk about a common sense approach.
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there will be no common sense approach or consensus until you prove it is under control. here is what the american people are saying. we're prepared to deal with the problem we have now. not criminals or sanctuary cities but not until you can prove to us that this is never going to happen again. and right now that is not happening. >> you're saying secure the border first and let the american people decide? >> sure. we're not going to impose a solution, i don't believe we're going to round up 12 million people or hand out 12 million citizenship cards but we're not going to do it through executive order but only after, i do not support amnesty and only after bringing our immigration issue under control. >> you came in prepared to challenge both governor bush and ted cruz on this issue. i argue in many ways you've taken the heat because you're part of the comprehensive
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immigration bill. you we you were saying to both of them. >> jeb changed his position and that is fine. everybody on that stage adjusted their tactics. i like ted very much. ted my friend. we serve together. >> maybe team up together, maybe? >> we both want to win this, is not about ted personally but ted has a thing going on where he portrays himself as the only principled conservative. on the issue of immigration he did support legalization. if he changed his mind, say you've changed your mind but don't go around pretending you're the only one pure on this. he's trying to trump trump on immigration. >> what happened on the democratic side? you have a poll that hillary clinton is losing in new hampshire and top secret e-mails
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are these indictable offenses? . >> i don't want to politicize this, but if someone on my staff were to remove intelligence information and put it on their private server they'd be indicted in my opinion, and charged. the democratic party in my opinion is taken over. that is why hillary clinton is chasing him in that direction. she didn't have to move far. she was pretty left wing and that is why i know i'm going to beat her. we're going to go out to millions of americans who perhaps haven't voted for conservatives in the past. >> you have done well in match ups against hillary clinton. >> i will win hillary clinton. they know if i'm the nominee, i will win. that is why i'm asking the people of iowa to learn about my campaign on
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if i'm our nominee, we'll defeat hillary clinton. >> most important question beyond national security and i thought you were passionate about that is the economy. what can people hear tonight? people are out of work and in poverty. >> obama economy. >> obama economy. how long does that take to turn that around? >> i believe it's amazing that businesses are still hiring people given the weight from this government. i think this economy is poised to take oof. i do. i think the opportunities of the 21 century economy are extraordinary. they're being held back by obama policies if we can remove that and roll back regulations and make our tax code just a normal one, get the epa off peoples' back, utilize energy resources, more vocational training we need more welders and pipe fitters this economy will take off and be the envy of the world again, our children will be the freest
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and most prosperous american that's ever lived. >> now, it's been a full year since cpac. >> it has. in 92 hours people will be watching, you're going to go caucus. have the first chance of any americans to answer the questions what comes after barack obama? i'm asking for your vote, i'll win and beat hillary clinton. we'll turn this country around. >> senator, great job. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up, we're just getting things started. former governor jeb bush, dr. ben carson and governor john kasich will join us after the republican debate, that and more from des moines, iowa. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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>> look, i'm an tlishment
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because my dad, the greatest man alive was president of the united states and my brother is a fan activityic brother. and fine, i'll take it. and i'm part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom, i'll take that, too. >> that was jeb bush delivering powerful remarks so will this give him momentum coming into iowa caucuses? watch this. >> joining us now in iowa on the debate stage we have governor jeb bush. how are you feeling? >> thanks, sean. >> establishment versus insurgency. >> yes. >> that has been a big narrative in this campaign. >> yes. you stood up and said okay if i'm establishment for this, this, and this, fine. what do you say to that? >> well, i love my mom, dad and brother and not going to disown them. is that would be ridiculous.
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>> is that how establishment is framed? >> well, t they framed it. i was a disruptor. i turned the place upside down in tallahassee. and having that experience, i think is essential. because having no experience, going to try to bring about change in washington would be pretty ugly, pretty quick. >> sitting with people back stage, seasoned media people and they jeb has gotten better every debate. do you feel just that maybe you needed a comfort level? do you feel better each debate? >> the debate is about substance. it's, i do better when i'm learning to ignore the stupid questions. >> are you talking about the media? >> sometimes, the questions are. >> the worst was cnbc debate. >> it was horrible. >> they were good people asked -- lost control of the debate. the debates have gotten better. i kind of miss the donald. would have been fun to have him
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on stage. because we have had our give and take. >> and you got after a little bit. >> i started talking with a queen's accent. that is a good sign i might have got under his skin. >> one thing people want to see is that you're human, you're having fun and you have the passion. you want america safe, secure and leading. they want to see they can relate to you. >> yes. this process, everybody says it's too long, too much money. blah. blah. blah. the fact is that it is the greatest process to elect a president of the greatest country. it should be tough. i mean we should be walking on hot coals and figure out how to overcome adversity and get better and grow, listen to people. these town hall meetings are learning experiences to me. >> yes. i was interviewed on my radio station here, wal. great station.
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ronald reagan. >> exactly. >> i was interviewed by them and said i like the process, i like it being hard, i like it being long, i like the fact these guys have to shake every hand, meet people. my hope is that guy that gets there is going to remember those faces and those people. when you're making decisions about living and dying and war, and peace that you remember that right? >> exactly. exactly. i carry this around to remind me of the people that served this country and died in the line of battle. >> what is that? >> i have two of them. this is christopher horton, his wife gave it to me. he was a sniper and died in afghanistan. you can't take this job lightly. have you to listen to people and honor the people that have protected us. why i'm so passionate about reforming the veteran's administration. it is scandalous what goes on. you talk about vets can't access care, it angers me beyond words. the extent, we've given them $60
9:17 pm
billion more, but no reform. >> you know the fact they institutionalize the bureaucracy, they have two sets of lists in terms of what people needed help and call people back, you know a year later, sorry. my husband is dead. >> isn't it nice the you tube people that asked their interesting question to them served in the military are entrepreneurs now. if we can get that going where veterans came back with jobs and skills they had, in terms of the certification process, local state, federal. we can create a strategy to make veterans a huge driver for economic prosperity in this country. but right now, no one seems to care. >> i am sure you don't remember this. i was covering your brother in 2004 in jacksonville. do you remember the fly over? >> oh, man. >> i remember, also, member todd beamer? his father? there was a group of gold star families and your brother went in there.
9:18 pm
before he went out and spoke to the crowd of people. i saw him with tears in his eyes talking to those families. >> every event. every event as i went as his campaign chairman he would have a private meeting with families. every event. look. i called every slain soldier that died in the line of battle, their loved ones from florida, 150 calls. and i'm sure my brother did as well. that is what you do in public leadership positions. you show that you care. >> the seriousness of the job. >> yes. let me ask you the issue of immigration. it came up and i was talking to senator rubio before. and says the path to legalization. i think most americans understand that when james comby and james clapper and others say isis will infiltrate and we see what happened with borders now, the issue evolved.
9:19 pm
>> it has. it has. >> we have to control the border, period, over and out in the proper way and be all in on it. no one disagree was that. that is a simple fact. we have to organize our society around protecting us from terrorist attacks. no question about it. which means that you, you know, you can't have a visa waiver for all european countries. where you have radicalized muslims in these countries. they should have a deeper screen than just saying i'm a citizen of germany. >> isis has ability to manufacture their own pass ports? >> they do. in european countries should have the same standards in terms of biometrics. the other thing we need to recognize is isis in the form of a caliphate attacks all over the world. there have been 70 attacks inspired or created by isis in 17 countries. indonesia, other places. we have to take this battle to
9:20 pm
isis directly, in the caliphate. >> what does that mean? i'm hoping, i had donald rumsfeld on. and i said is there a chance we can change modern warfare, we don't have to have boots on the ground? not in the near future. >> not when they're hiding in schools, detonating hospitals and protecting themselves around incents. have you to root them out and take their money out and be all in. if we don't have a sunni-led force this won't work. the other element that wasn't discussed is it's not just destroying isis, it's creating an environment that is stable after we leave. we saw what happened in libya. now we have chaos. the smart power as hillary clinton called it in libya creates a situation worse than when it started. >> you see a day when the
9:21 pm
sunnis, saudis and israelis maybe unite in a coalition with us? >> it has to be with us. without us -- >> obama cut a deal with iran. >> john kerry cut a deal with iran. >> it's a 60-40 proposition against. so $100 million by shia forces. >> our great friends are buying 1 114 air buses not boeing 67s. >> you're catholic, right? >> i love the pope. the fact he'd box beautiful christian relics so it won't offend rwani breaks my heart. we should be proud of it. >> we need to stand up and understand this caliphate and radical islam. >> appreciate it.
9:22 pm
>> thank you. >> thanks. >> and coming up, dr. benjiman carson and governor kasich will join us and later, debate analysis. all of that in this post-debate edition of "hannity" live in the spin room in iowa. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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9:25 pm
people around you, analyze and make decisions. >> the fact of the matter is the prob lemgs we face now are unprecedented. we need ability to think out of the box and pull together the best minds to be able to distill that into a real solution. >> i think americans are craving solutions. you've done very well, your trajectory went up. you went down a little bit but not as far as others that had risen to the top. where do you see the campaign now? >> there is a lot of movement going on. we have a dynamite organization now, made all of the difference in the world for me in terms of my esprit de corps. the people of america are paying close attention.
9:26 pm
>> a lot of people don't makeup their minds until today, tomorrow, monday. you know? >> i think if you go to our website,, read the policies. >> if they want to take the time, one of the issues that comes up is isis. early in the campaign, people said what foreign policy experience do you have? you went to jordan. what other things have you done to get up to speed on how to deal with the most-evil terrorist groups to emerge? >> well, i had an opportunity to talk with multiple experts in the area, many of the generals who worked in that area. and i would be extraordinarily happy to compare my indepth understanding of isis, of islam, of jihad, with anyone. >> talk about that. explain, where ist( radical isl rooted in? >> well, you go all the way back to mecca.
9:27 pm
and mohammed who wasn't a beloved figure there. >> he was a warrior. he moved to medina and became a warrior, put together his army. and then, they started to ex-te ex-te ex-te ex-terminate anyone who didn't believe. that became the first caliphate, him, the caliph. and it wasn't until they began to acquire land in iraq and syria and now, they have got some foot holds in tunisia and libya. >> then, i wonder with the rise of iran growing in the region with the help of president obama. >> incredible.
9:28 pm
>> he's going to give them money to buy air buses instead of boeing planes. but importantly, and missile defense, where are the sunni saudis? why aren't they aligning to stop what that evil is spreading in their region? >> they have been behind a lot of the terrorist activity. >> that is true. >> but we have exacerbated the situation by cultivating this relationship with iran. so what are people to think? you know? >> it would just making fun. they took our sailors and making fun of us. 114 air bus was our money. that we gave them. and he's denying the holocaust. >> that is just the beginning. the worst thing is that now we're alienating our friends in the area and saying we need you to help us.
9:29 pm
>> what do you do if you became president? >> first of all, i get rid of that stupid iranian deal. it doesn't mean i won't negotiate. >> they'll have the money. >> we can still stop it. we have tremendous influence on the international monetary. >> $150 billion is a lot of cash for terror. >> we have to reestablish the relationships with our other allies in europe and middle east. >> what allies in the middle east? where do you see the greatest alliances build something. >> probably bahrain. qatar, kuwait, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, egypt and jordan. >> what about the saudis? you know? if you look at the decline in oil prices now, isn't that saudi driven? do they want to run out of the
9:30 pm
fracking out of america? >> they did. and iranians just exacerbated it. but that is good for us? >> why is is that good for us? >> because it's keeping putin under control. >> we have been stupid over the years and dependent on their oil. and have more natural gas that would last hundreds of years. >> exactly. >> but we're not tapping into it. >> we have that. we haven't brought the pipeline down. >> so stupid. >> mean, it's almost as if we're working against ourselves. i think that is one of the reason wez need to get people in on who have the interest in the united states in mind. the ones there say they have it in mind. >> immigration is a big issue tonight. a lot of back and forth on that. to me it's a simple issue. you control the border, our immigration system. you know. i don't understand why this president would, he has his own national intelligence director,
9:31 pm
own fbi districtsers assistant fbi director saying isis will infiltrate the refugee population and this idiot is letting them in. >> i was watching and talking to rangers down there. they terrorize these people. look at the heroin coming through and marijuana coming through there. i don't want to legalize marijuana. i don't mind for medical purposes. many studies have demonstrated it can affect your iq significantly. >> people tell me my brain is still developing. >> all right, dr. carson, good to see you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> coming up, ohio governor john kasich is here with reaction to his debate performance and analysis from our panel. all of that and more as we continue live from iowa and the spin room.
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conservative message is economic growth and opportunity for everybody in america, everybody ought to have a chance to be able to rise to their god given purpose. that is what we have done in ohio. we're running surpluses and the forma is working. >> that is ohio governor john kasich tonight. now, right after the debate was over, we sat down with governor saysic, take a look. >> joining us now is ohio governor john kasich. how are you, sir? two hours isn't enough. you wanted another hour. >> i just was shocked at how fast it went. we've done seven of them and this one just flew by. i don't know what is going on. >> maybe you got more time in tonight.
9:38 pm
>> well, i don't know how to describe it. someone told me i had the third most amount of time. >> you had a fair amount of time. >> yes. yes. it was. >> there was tension here and there. >> i thought, they're pros tonight and it was good. >> i'm an inside, outside guy. i have the kasich lane. >> i didn't create it. >> we're in a time where 65% of republicans feel the washington republicans betrayed them. if you are right, betrayed you. the betrayal is harsh. >> when i left washington, i left a $5 trillion projected surplus. do people get that now?
9:39 pm
>> in. >> they're forgetting it because i'm rising in new hampshire. >> you're double digits in new hampshire. >> i think they do get it but have to hear the story. here is the problem with the debates. you've got a minute. >> you've got six minutes here. you know? if you can't do it in six? >> i can do it in six minutes. the town halls are the format where people can get to know you. and this is just constrained but it's only one piece of a campaign strategy. >> i know your story. i was there the night newt gingrich became speaker. i was emcee in georgia. it's amazing. you didn't shut the government down. the government, you allowed it to be shut down twice. you insisted on a balance budget, and no mathematical, no --
9:40 pm
>> no washington calculator. >> right we got it done and growing jobs but the story is important. we have not had a balanced budget since we landed on the moon and haven't done it since. it requires discipline. if you're balancing the budget, people will insist and create jobs. >> and you're not stealing from your children. >> record is important. to get to the balanced budget i had to fight everybody in the establishment. you remember what it was like. >> we'll balance it between 7 and 9. >> do you remember that? >> yes. yes. >> it did get him to sign the deal. >> but conservatism works. with you thing -- >> i would not have had the leadership to, just not had the leadership division. >> you're disappointed? >> sure i am. of course. on the spending side.
9:41 pm
>> you may have stood up and taken a stand and using the power of the purse. >> i would have used it more. the budget is getting worse now. look. rubio says $30 trillion in debt. >> i know. i can become president i'm going to have to plan a polarized desk. he knows it's coming because he used to be an aide when i was budget committee chairman. look, we're up 400,000 jobs in ohio. but took a deficit. >> and turned it into a surplus. >> $2 billion surplus. >> you gained 400? >> over 400. guess what our credit, up, pensions solid. >> what is your credit rate something. >> double a, plus. >> what about triple a? >> i don't think you can go to triple a. the only place that you can get triple a is utah. >> right. >> our outlook --
9:42 pm
>> i don't think people know this. >> they know it in new hampshire. that is why i love to do your show. when i come on radio, or tv you let me talk about these things and you get them. >> i do get them. >> look, sean, you've got to understand that in this business of politics you've got to build the foundation, the first floor, the second floor, then, all of a sudden, people begin to see the house.ñr i'm really happy and the other thing is that, look, i saw us land on the moon. government program. i saw reagan turn the economy around. i saw the wall fall down because of the pressure. i saw us win the gulf war. i was involved in balancing the budget. i go to ohio. we have a miracle in ohio. of course i believe things can happen and will happen. >> you have 84? >> 86 out of 88 but who is counting? >> yes. hogan county. >> i won the county barack obama won by 40 points.
9:43 pm
and 26% of the african american vote, 56% of union households. your father would have voted for me. >> not bad. not bad. >> not bad. america is a great grace. >> if we don't get this. >> america is in decline, governor, i want to he so it fixed. >> thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> always good. >> coming up, steve hays, monica crawly, kirsten powers, and more, straight ahead.
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welcome back to hannity. we're rif with analysis of the republican debate. obviously, trump isn't here, how big of a factor is that? >> i think that is a factor in the beginning. we saw some of the candidates choose to take a shot to him, and then, the debate carried on just as a normal debate would. ask i think it was substantive but wasn't probably as much drama. some people argue maybe not as much excitement, but i think
9:49 pm
they got into enlightning policy exchanges. >> i think trump not being there had a huge impact in the sense that ted cruz does better with a foil. >> he's a better counter puncher. >> yes. and i think when trump was there, he can get under trump's skin, and without trump, he wasn't able to do that. i don't think he helped himself in the beginning whining about there are no people to beat up on me. he didn't have a great night which, you know, i think ends up being good for other people. >> and let me go to monica. in many ways we had a lot of drama leading up to this about but donald trump didn't have to debate. he's leading in the polls and does another event for veterans. maybe for him this, is a good
9:50 pm
cause. >> it may, it may not. this race has been unpredictable. we'll find out whether this helped or hurt him. i expect his supporters are so devoted and loyal that it might not change the i guess his supporters are so devoted and loyal to him, that it might not change the trajectory of this race. i think that all of the candidates with the strongest policy credentials end up shining regardless of who is or is not on the stage. >> so, if the polls are accurate, let's be honest here. it's really neck-in-neck. although, trump has been pulling away, at least in the polls. but polls in iowa are notoriously bad, historically. so if he wins iowa, you stop him? does he get stopped? or he goes all the way?
9:51 pm
>> if you look at the end of february -- >> if he goes in south carolina, you don't think he has it? >> then that would be 3% of the delegates. >> the point is that iowa is not a state that he should be winning. it's a state that requires the republican side to have much on the democratic side, but it's a state that typically involves more organization. >> the 3%, 4% of the delegates means de facto. no question that momentum matters. >>. >> i'm saying it's a big deal. >> i don't mean to suggest that it's not a big deal.
9:52 pm
>> hereby's what we've got to contend with. i would imagine he's fairly well organized. and then i see a crowd of thousands of people outside the trump event tonight. are those people that are willing to stand out there in the cold, they seem pretty loyal, and they seem like a type of people to caucus. >> yes, and we will certainly find out on monday. trump's presence in this race is to smash the existing order. even the huge riszing that he took tonight is a huge gamble for him. but every risk that he's taken has worked to his advantage. we don't know if that pattern is going to hold true. rubio and cruz were the most interesting because they have the most distinct. but ted cruz needs to win iowa.
9:53 pm
and marco rubio needs to win place or show. that's where the tension came in. and it will be very interesting to see what the end game is. >> does any of these other guys, does governor bush, does governor casey, ben carson, tell me somebody that has the potential to rise up and surprise people in iowa and new hampshire? >> i guess after this debate, i thought jeb bush had a good night tonight. can he be a factor? before the debate, he said he can exceed expectations. >> all day, i've been dying to ask kiersten this question. do you think hillary gets indicted? >> who has to do well to start showing breakout potential. >> look, kaisch is looking
9:54 pm
pretty good, but that's one state. it just seems like, right now, we're going to look at the way things have been. it's more of an outsider: more of somebody who's going to blow things up to the extent they want an establishment person. it seems to be rubio. it's enough of the change aspect to him. so it could happen. i mean, look, anything could happen. coming up, we're in des moines, iowa straight ahead.
9:55 pm
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staying up with us. we will see you back regular time tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. defini looking out for you. ♪ [ applause ] 8:00 here in des moines, iowa. i'm bret baier, with megyn kelly and chris wallace. >> tonight, we are coming to you live from the iowa event center in downtown des moines in the shadow of the iowa state capital. in just four days, people here in the hawkeye state will caucus and cast the first votes of the 2016 election. >> tonight, we're partnering with google for an


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